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Q.1 I need a website. What should I do?

A.1 In order to have a functioning website you need to have: Domain Name (, Web Host (a server computer to contain all files of your website), the design of your website (including all files, images, and codes) and website maintenance. Our website packages take care of all of these. You may compare packages here. You may also request for quotation here.

Q.2 How can I order for a web design service?

A.2 Go to Surpass Website Packages or Request For Quote.

Q.3 I am not sure what kind of website works best for me. Can you help?

A.3 Sure, we offer free consultation via phone and meeting. Please let us have your contacts and we will arrange that for you. Click here.

Q.4 How can I be sure that I will like the website you are going to design for me?

A.4 We have put in place the "Aim for 100% Satisfaction" policy. Although we cannot guarantee that all clients will be 100% satisfied, but we are motivated to do our best to get close to this, and even surpass their expectations as much as possible. For this reason, the standard operating procedure that we implement is geared towards realizing the needs and preferences of the clients. We also allow multiple revisions and adjustments throughout the design stage. All of these steps are meant to bring about clients' satisfaction.

Q.5 Will I get back my down payment, if I changed my mind?

A.5 Unfortunately no. The down payment is non-refundable if it is only due to change of mind. Please make sure you are fully decided to proceed before signing the contract and paying.

Q.6 How long will it take time before I will have my website completely designed?

A.6 If you choose a website package, it is already indicated how long it is estimated to finish the website design and development project. If you choose a quote-based website, then this depends on the complexity of the website and required features which will be reflected in our proposal.

Q.7 What kind of information should I prepare and present to your company for a web design project?

A.7 Logo of your company (high quality jpg and/or png), images of your products or any other images of your company, all textual information like company profile, products, about-us, services, etc.

Q.8 What are your terms and conditions for payment?

A.8 50% of the website package price needs to be paid before the start of the project. One month after this or upon the project completion (whichever comes first), the remaining balance shall be paid as well. You may find our terms and conditions here.

Q.9 What is a mobile friendly or responsive website?

A.9 A website that has optimal viewing and interaction experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones) is considered a responsive or mobile friendly website. It is especially important because Google will give higher rankings to mobile friendly websites. Read more here.

General Questions

Q.2 I'm interested to work for your company. How can I apply?

A.2. Kindly submit your resume to this email address:

For further questions, please let us know here...

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