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Q.1 I need a website. What should I do?

A.1 There are three necessary things and one optional thing in order to have a functioning website; Domain (www.example.com), Web Host (a server computer to contain all files of your website), and the design of your website (including all files, images, and codes) are necessary. Web maintenance is however an optional service, though still important. There are companies that offer all or some of these four services.

Q.2 How can I order for a web design service?

A.2 Go to Surpass Web Design Services page and choose your desired package. In the order page, fill up the form. While you are filling the form you can also add web hosting and/or domain registration as well as maintenance. Each with its own price.

Q.3 I can’t decide what kind of website I want. Can you help me?

A.3 Yes. You tell us what are the important things for you that you want to have them in your website and we will try to come up with a decent layout for you. Please make sure you read this article too.

Q.4 How can I be sure that I will like the website you are going to design for me, especially when I need to pay the deposit in advance?

We will conduct an interview with you over the phone, in your place or in our office. You can explain or show us a sample of a website that you like, and we will prepare a proposal including our recommended layout for you. If you agree, you can proceed to fill-up our online order form and pay the deposit next. Basically, throughout a Web Design project (done by Surpass Web Design) and based on our Terms and Conditions, a client will be asked to provide his feedback about the design of the website in three occasions: At the beginning of design process (approving the layout), in the middle of design process, and before the end of the project to have final adjustments. This will ensure that every client will get his/her desired website at the end of the project.

Q.5 5 Will I get back my deposit, if I changed my mind?

A.5 No. However, If the contract is terminated by us for any reason, we will return the deposit.

Q.6 How long will it take time before I will have my website completely designed?

A.6 It depends on the complexity of the website, demanded features, and the chosen design package. Normally, the design of simple websites can be ready in about 5-7 days and it will be till 14 days for bigger projects. In rare cases, it may take even longer.

Q.7 What kind of information should I prepare and present to your company for a web design project?

A.7 Logo of your company (jpg and png), images of your products or any other images of your company, all textual information like company profile, products or service description. Username & password of your host if you have one of your own.

Q.8 What are your terms and conditions for payment?

A.8 Amount of 50% of web design project should be deposited before the start of the project. You may find necessary information about payment terms and other related project term and conditions here.

Q.9 What is a mobile friendly or responsive website?

A.9 A website that has optimal viewing and interaction experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). Read more here.

Surpass Web Hosting

Q.1 What is Web Hosting?

A.1 A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers.
When Internet users want to view your website, all they need to do is type your website address into their browser. Their computer will then connect to your server and your webpages will be delivered to them through the browser.

Q.2 What is Shared Hosting?

A.2 Shared hosting is a type of Web hosting service that allows multiple websites to share a physical Web server and its resources among the hosted websites. Shared hosting logically distributes a Web server to accommodate, serve and operate more than one website.
Shared hosting is recommended for websites that are smaller in size, don’t have a large amount of Web traffic, have lower security concerns and require cost-effective solutions for website hosting.

Q.3 What is Dedicated Hosting?

A.3 A dedicated server gives you the ultimate in control, power and security. You'll have access to all the server resources and horsepower you need for your website. This is a good option for big companies with high website traffic or with highest level of security concerns.

Q.4 Why linux hosting?

A.4 Linux servers are frequently selected over other server operating systems for their stability, security and flexibility advantages. That is why Surpass Web Hosting is based on Linux OS.

Q.5 How does your 30 days money back guarantee work?

A.5 We're confident you'll be pleased with our Web Hosting services. For all of our web hosting packages, we offer 30 days money back guarantee, no questions asked!

Q.6 What is web space in web hosting context?

A.6 Web Space is the amount of hard disk of a server computer that will be allotted to a website. The bigger the website, the more web space needed.

Q.7 Can I upgrade my Hosting package?

A.7 Yes. The new fee will be calculated accordingly. Downgrade, however, is not allowed.

Q.8 What is the difference between subdomain, addon domain, and parked domain?

A.8 Subdomain
A subdomain is a second website with its own unique content, but there is no new domain name. The subdomain name looks like forums.domain.com, help.domain.com, help2.domain.com (assuming you already host domain.com).
Addon Domain
An addon domain is a second website, with its own unique content. This type of domain does require you to register the new domain name before you can host it. So, if you want to host www.otherdomain.com, this is the solution.
Parked Domain
A parked domain is NOT a unique website. Instead, it is a masked forward to the primary domain name of your cPanel account, much like a website alias. Parked domains are commonly used when:
* You need a place to park a domain for which you do not have a website;
* You have more than one domain that should lead to your primary domain;
* You have common misspellings of your domain name that you have registered.
Our starter hosting package does not allow any addon or parked domains.

Surpass Domain Registration

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