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What is a Web App and how does it work?

Web Applications are perfect tools in order to upgrade your daily cumbersome and manual office/business tasks to a convenient, automated, and paperless process. Almost every business can hugely benefit from an in-house software.

In general, web applications are applications that operate within a web browser. The user of a web application is often required to type “username” and “password” in order to be able to have access to and work with the application. Using a database, the data can be created, updated, deleted, and seen or printed. Multiple security access level for different users, the ability for a manager to monitor the whole system all the time from anywhere in the world, easy access, regular back-ups, ability to use on every operating system (Mac, Win, Linux, Android, IOS), having no need for deep-machine-installation, ability to use the application both online and offline, are all possible in a web application.

Customized Applications

A custom designed application will empower you to run the necessary tasks in an automated manner and exactly the way you intend to. From the point of data-entry to data process, storage, and reporting...every step is designed with the goals and objectives that are pre-planned and cultivated into the program.

Customized Applications

Scalable Architecture

A key point in designing a great application is its ability to be scaled and expanded along the way and in the future.
This is due to the concept of business growth and unpredictable needs resulted from it. Hence, we at Surpass, do our best to consider the probable extensions and updates of the application right from the planning stage.
The implementation of Scalable Architecture will ensure the program's flexibility and its longer lifetime.

Scalable App Architecture

Where Will Web Applications be Useful?

The following scenarios are just a few situations whereas a web application would be a perfect choice:

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