Beauty & Wellness Website

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In this project, we needed to design a website that would have a subtle feminine theme, plus to convey feelings of luxury, and comfort resulting from using the client's ergonomic massage beds.

To address the subtle feminine style, we used the background color of pink for the homepage top slider mixed with a nice violate flower plus the light orange color tone as the background color. We used golden photo frames in gallery page to convey luxury without undermining the dominant femininity of the site.

To communicate the feelings of comfort and tranquility, we emphasized on “Comfortable”, “Enjoyable”, and “Portable” as the main keywords for the design elements especially in the home page. Finally, we came up with a curved-shaped main navigation menu to further echo the ergonomic style of the products.

A 360 degree rotatable photo plugin was implemented to show-case the client's self-taken photos of their massage bed. All of the above, at full responsive and mobile-friendly design.

This project was worth more than 1 year of design course in college. Thank you Kingcor for your trust and the free lunch! :)