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This project is all about online car ECU tuning. The purpose of this website/web-portal is to allow customers to send their original ECU file to the server, and get it back once it has been remapped by the admin/owner of the website.
Customers through their dedictaed customer panel, are able to:

  • Purchase credit points via PayPal gateway.
  • Place File Service orders and upload their original ECU file. (due credits will be automatically deducted from their credit balance)
  • Check on the progress of their file service order.
  • Download the remapped ECU file.
  • Access support ticketing system.

The Admin Panel with these capabilities:

  • Processing file services ordered by customers, downloading their ORI, and finally uploading the remapped file to them.
  • Manage customers (see their profile/contact data, ban/unban them to access the system, send them a message or email via the panel)
  • Manage Panel (Edit business hours (it will take effect immediately across the whole system), hide/unhide cars in database, etc.)
  • Manage Support Tickets created by customers