Why Linux Servers?

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Posted on June 27, 2016 at 3:02 PM

Why Linux Servers

As you know here at Surpass, we offer Linux Web Hosting. A lot of people may not know why it is far better to use Linux servers for their website. Well, that’s why we have prepared this short article to let you know why.

1. Linux Operating System is Open Source and Free!
With Linux, there is no commercial vendor trying to lock you into certain products or protocols. Instead, you're free to mix and match and choose what works best for your business. This means flexibility in all aspects. The Total Cost of Ownership or TCO of Linux cannot be beaten by any other OS out there. Even an enterprise version purchased with corporate support will be cheaper overall than Windows or other proprietary software.

2. Security
Undoubtedly Linux is the most secure OS today. Number of hacks, system malfunctions and required maintenance is lower than of the other server operating systems. That's due largely to the fact that Linux, which is based on Unix, was designed from the start to be a multiuser operating system. Only the administrator, or root user, has administrative privileges, and fewer users and applications have permission to access the kernel or each other. That keeps everything modular and protected.

3. Stability
It is not surprising at all for a Linux user Not to encounter with a system failure for years, while for other OS users, well…you know it if you have used them already.
Especially, when we are dealing with web hosting servers, the flawless functionality and performance of a server computer is a MUST. Any system reboot or network abnormalities is a disaster as it will cause all websites hosted on the server to be “down” and inaccessible.

With all the many advantages Linux provides in the server realm, it's no wonder governments, organizations and major companies around the world--including Amazon and Google--rely on the open source operating system in their own production systems.

By: SurpassAdmin

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