5 Reasons Why an Online Presence is Important

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Your online presence is simply where you are found online. It can include your website, your social media profiles or pages, your images, your videos, and your audios to name a few.
Having an online presence is vital to the success of your business. When properly done, an online presence can create opportunities for networking, new business, and new ventures.
Let's review the 5 reasons why an online presence is important.

An online presence establishes you as a serious business.
If you were going to make a purchase online you wouldn't pull out your credit card until you have thoroughly examined that website.
Have you ever signed up for an email list because someone had an attractive or properly developed social media profile and website?
Put yourself in other's shoes and ask yourself, “would I trust an online presence like mine?”
An online presence helps to develop your brand.
Consider your:
• profile picture
• logo or header
• content
• the way you interact
These are always leaving an impression about your business and you. What kind of impression have you made with your ideal client?
Have you searched the web to find other's review about you, your business, products, or services?

An online presence introduces your business and you.
Some people meet you for the 1st time online-they could be your ideal client, someone who could refer your business, or someone who wants to partner with your business.
Is your introduction polished, poised, and ready to shine?

An online presence facilitates the sales process.
The 1st step in the sales process is to attract. Are you attractive to your ideal client or a future partner?
Are your best attributes on display?
Are you speaking your ideal client's language? By language I mean, identifying their problems or needs and creating solutions for them.

An online presence identifies your ideal client.
Through your online presence your ideal client should see how they fit into your business.
Don't spend loads of effort into how wonderful you are. That only matters when you can uniquely solve their problems.

Ref.: Stephanie M. Raines

By: SurpassAdmin
Posted on Posted on March 19, 2016