How Much Should You Pay for a Custom-built Website?

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You may be a photographer, a laywer, a businessman/enterprenuer, or a company employee in charge of a website project. Regardless, with this same question in mind:
How much are you supposed to pay to get yourself a website? In other words, how much is too much, even for a quality website!?

Disclaimer: Potential Conflict of Interests!

If this question has been in your mind, then you hit the jackpot! I'm here today to break this mystery down for you, once and for all! :)

But before that, you may say, that sounds good. But, who are you and why should I listen to your opinion? Anyway, you're just a web developer and you're not going to sell yourself cheap, or are you!?

Outch!!! You got me there. Yes, indeed before writing this article, I kind of realized that there's a possibility of conflict of interests. Something that after taking a course on Critical Thinking Skills, I am sharp to detect.

So, here's the deal. I have been a freelance web developer for many years already. This current website of mine was registered back in 2015. So, that should speak for itself, at least a little.
Having this self-awareness and with full regards to your intelligence, I am offering an insider view as to how I am charging my clients. It's not the cheapest way, nor the only way. It's MY way!

Pricing Strategy of a Freelancer Web Developer

How does a Freelancer Charge for Their Web Design and Web Development Services?

When I want to give my website development quote to a client, I have a routine practice that I follow. It usually entails a pen and paper! Yes, I know. It's a bit old-fashioned. But, I like it that way. So here's the breakdown of my thought process:

  • What are the project requirements?
  • How clear and complete are the requirements?
  • If not so clear. Stop! Gather more info and repeat.
  • Once happy with the requirements, let's analayze the complexity of the project.
  • Now, let's estimate the time needed to finish various components of the project.
  • Put together the times, and come up with an initial time estimation.
  • In view of the project complexity, determin the hourly rate applicable on the project at hand.
  • Multiply time required by hourly rate.
  • Consider other influencing factors (client-requested deadline, etc.), and make any final adjustments, if needed.
  • Offer the quote and wait for client's feedback.
That's my formula. I could give you an example, but I think it's not necessary because every project is different.

IT & Development Agencies Pricing Strategy

You may be waiting for a quote from an agency, rather than a freelancer. So this might be helpful to consider.
Factors Affecting the Price-Offer Given By Design & Development Agencies

  • Number of assigned members to the design/development team, their seniority and salary including that of the Project Manager.
  • Dedicated team vs. non-dedicated team.
  • Complexity of the project.
  • Time required.
  • Overhead costs such as rent, taxes, ect.
  • Margin of profit based on effective policies.
  • Type of client (private, corporate).

A Hypothetical Project

Let's Talk About Numbers, Shall We?

As a bonus for sticking around, I'm going to give you some numbers so that you can get a better picture.

As a full-stack web developer, and as of Dec. 2023, I charge somewhere between 10-20 EUR per hour. Again, depending on the complexity of the projects, I choose the exact amount. Let's say I estimate a simple project to take 3 weeks to finish. Both the backend and the frontend.

I usually consider 6-8 hours of work when I'm on a project. Konwing that I do not work on weekends, we will have:
18 days * 6 hours of work daily * 10 EUR hourly rate = $1,080 or 65k PHP.


Regardless of who is supposed to work on your website project, the essense is the same. How much time is needed to finish the project, and how complex it is.

The complexity defines the set of required skills an seniority of the developer/s which has a direct relationship with their salaries. In the Philippines, a fresh IT graduate with no prior experience can be hired at around $400-$500.

This amount quickly goes higher to as much as $3000 or even higher for talented senior developers. I myself, as a PHP developer who loves and specializes in working with the Symfony framework, am happy to have shared with you how I charge my clients.

Have any project? get my quote here ...

By: SurpassAdmin
Posted on Dec. 22, 2023