Every Website is a Journey

Who We Are:
Surpass is a small creative design and development agency with a handful of enthusiastic individuals. In our line of work, every website we make is a journey and just like any other journey, it has many stories to tell and more memories to remember. We cherish our memories, cause without them we wouldn't be us!
We take pride in what we do and we enjoy getting to know different people. Every website we make is a shared experience between us and some other people from different backgrounds.

What We Do:

  • Web Design
    • Static and information-based websites
    • Dynamic websites with database
    • E-commerce websites
    • CMS or content management websites

  • Web Hosting
    • Linux based server for better security
    • Higher than standard up-time ratio
    • Different packages available
    • More email accounts
    • 30 days money-back-guarantee

  • Web Application
    • Traditional (aka Procedural or Functional) programming
    • Object Oriented Programing using Symfony framework
    • Custom admin dashboard and multi user-roles applications
    • Scalable architecture for future updates
    • Quick turnaround of the project compared to other developers

  • Website Maintenance
    • Maintenance options for websites designed by myself
    • Maintenance options for other websites

  • Online Marketing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Search Engine Marketing

How We Work:
In order to understand what kind of website is desired by clients, we arrange an initial call with them so that we can discuss all aspects of the project. We will then submit the project proposal, detailing all features of the website and pertinent fees. Upon approval, we will proceed to the actual agreement signing.

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