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Surpassing I.T. Services for Every Business

We Design Responsively and Responsibly!

We are a professional Web Design & Hosting service provider. From a simple static website to a complicated e-commerce portal, we make sure to deliver a kind of service that suits our clients' needs and expectation. We don't just design, we also maintain! All of our web design packages come with a period of up to 120 days of free maintenance, a real competitive offer!

We use Bootstrap responsive framework, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript/Jquery in most of our projects. Surely, we adjust our products based on the requirements and specifications set by our valued clients. We strive to create visually appealing sites that feature user-friendly design and clear navigation.

about surpass web design & hosting

How we work

After receiving the order from our clients, we will begin to discuss about viable options to do the project with three key concerns:
* Features demanded by the client;
* Meeting the deadline;
* Delivering a quality service/product matching our brand standards.

Surpass with us!

where to reach

Picture where you want to reach

It always starts with a clear vision.

right people

Make right choices

What/Who can help you reach your desired place?


Enjoy your success

Congratulations on your vision come true!

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If you are planning to have your website designed/upgraded, you need to be mindful about the followings:

- Identifiable designer/company with business registration documents, not any anonymous person/website claiming to be professional;
- Clear terms and conditions to be reviewed and accepted by the client beforehand;
- Warranty by designer that they are using copyright-obtained/free materials and codes;
- Clear understanding as to how will the client be allowed to check on the ongoing project and provide his feedback;
- Clear understanding about after project delivery obligations of designer including free maintenance and debugging;
- Using up-to-date web technologies and cross-browser compatibility;
- Having a mobile friendly website (responsive) if you expect lots of traffics coming from multi-platform devices;
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website if search engine ranking is crucial to you;
- Make sure that there are no hidden charges or at least you know about them;
- If you are going with Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, clarify your role in handling data insertion/modification to your website.
- The more your website matters to you, the more careful you should be as to whom you are entrusting it to!

We are proud to be among few web design service providers who design RESPONSIVELY and RESPONSIBLY!

We are here to provide most effective and efficient solutions for your precious website. We use up to date, cutting edge technologies to ensure compatibility and modern look across all platforms.
Surpass Web Design & Hosting is operated by RedPeak IT Solutions and we are a VAT registered business in the Makati City, Philippines.

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