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Custom-built solutions for businesses: OpenAI, CMS, ERP, CRM, Portals, Static/Dynamic Websites

Web Applications Powered by award winning Symfony Framework

Integrating the Power of OpenAI to build smart applications such as customer support chatbot and more!


PHP and Symfony
for Backend

The most widely used scripting language to bring the power of dynamic data to the web is PHP. In order to speed up coding, and also to avoid general programming pitfalls and errors I use Symfony framework which is unquestionably the best PHP framework out there and I am happy and proud to specialize in using it in my day-to-day work.

Bootstrap and Vue
for Frontend

The Bootstrap library and VueJS framework are used to help presenting the processed data coming from the backend and show it in the browser. While not all applications need to incorporate the VueJs, the Bootstrap UI library certainly is needed. It also hugely speeds up setting up the layout and structure of the site in a responsive and mobile-friendly way.

Contabo Servers
to Power up the App

I used several Hosting providers in the past until I came to know the German hosting provider, Contabo. Offering superior hosting solutions, especially with their high-end VPS servers, they are one of the best in the world. It's been years that I am using their services and I'm happy with them both in terms of pricing and performance.

Practical Apps
to Meet Business Needs

If you are thinking to use a custome-built web application to run some parts (if not all) of your business, then you certainly have seen how doing things manualy takes longer time, can be labour-intensive, and be potentially more prone to human errors. If you can imagine having a web application for your business, then I can certainly build it for you; And not just any kind of app! One that is written with PHP v.8+ under object-oriented programming using Symfony v.6+, styled with Bootstrap v.5+ and powered by Contabo servers! :)

Coding with PHP is my PASSION

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guaranteed quality website

Peace of mind with transparent pricing

No hidden charges, all fees are agreed upon up-front!

wordpress development

Stylish front-end, with robust back-end

Fron-end of a website is what you see (i.e. the visual aspect). The back-end is all the server side functionality behind the surface that gives life to the website. I use state-of-the-art PHP SYMFONY framework for the back-end side!

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I Aim for 100% Client's Satisfaction!


As a responsible website developer catering to clients from all around the globe, I strive to achieve 100% satisfaction of my clients. While in reality, this is much easier said than done, nevertheless, I am motivated to return the trust I've been given with my sincere work.

Probably one reason why I never had an issue with any of my past clients is that I try to truly understand their business and why they need a website or web application in the fist place. Then I proceed with coding and showing the demo version of the app frequently and all along the developent stage. There are many occasions for my clients to give their feedback and basically, that is why the final product is almost always what they exactly needed.

So far, I have come across several projects that I realized they were not in line with my set of skills and hence I needed to politely refrain from committing to them. I believe honesty is the key to success for any business. So please do not be surprised if I told you I cannot accept your project or if I told you I can do all what you said except this or that.

I aim to become a Surpassing Web Developer by valuing the time and trust of my clients and returning it with honest and sincere work combined with my years of programming experience. Know more about me here
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